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Dog|puppy Boarding in Green Bay

I realize a lot of pet parents are just too busy to spend the time it requires to properly train their 4 legged friends but also can’t afford the boot camp so I came up with On the Go so what is it?  Well, It’s simple, I will come to your home and pick up your pet for a period of time that is determined by you, take them to local pet friendly stores and local parks and work with them. This On The Go is all about what you the pet parent want’s. There are no set times or number of times per a week!! It can be once a week or twice it can be one hour per a time or 5! You are in charge here!

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Loose Leash Walking for your Dog & Puppy

 Training a dog to walk politely on their leash is very easy, but not if you’re trying to go somewhere. Loose leash Training is no simple exercise.  If you want to enjoy walking with your dog, it’s worth taking some time to teach them how you want them to walk with you. Remember It’s always unfair to punish a dog more than you praise it.  Maintain a positive training atmosphere by praising them when they’re acting well, which is most of the time.

This program is designed to give you control when walking your dog. Your dog will be learning to walk on a loose leash, without pulling and to stop and sit when you stop. This program is ideal for anyone who wants to walk their dog comfortably. The lessons can take place walking in your neighborhood, a local Park, Petsmart, Petco or Tractor Supply anywhere you would like!
Three 1 hour sessions