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Service Dog Training

There is an alternative, to waiting many years to get a service dog, or getting a service dog that may not be trained to service your needs. You can do the training yourself with the help of a professional dog trainer, Or Enroll your dog in a service dog training-dog boarding kennel program, commonly referred to as board n train. 

Live in the Marinette, Oconto Falls, Green Bay WI Area  and need  help or just some advice  feel free to contact me even If I can't help I might know of a dog kennel that can.  

Behavior Modification

Is your dog reactive to people or dogs? Is your dog abnormally fearful or nervous? Does your dog act  out of control and have trouble calming down? Hard time taking him to a dog boarding kennel or even dog training classes to help.

I specialize in helping reactive and/or fearful dogs. Through the use of Positive Reinforcement Management and Prevention, I will find a Behavior Modification program for you that is safe effective and long lasting. Contact me and we can discuss the problem.
20 min from Green Bay and Marinette and 5 -10 from Oconto falls and Oconto 

K-9 Boarding

Are you sick of picking up a depressed doggy every time you come back from vacation? 

Benefits of Crystal’s Dog Training N Dog Boarding Kennel

  • Dogs provided with hours of playtime
  • XLarge Dog Kennels
  • Lots of love and attention from staff
  • Opportunities to play with other dogs of the same size
  • Doggy daycare Lena and training services available
  • And so much more!

20 min from Green Bay & Marinette 

10 min from Oconto & Oconto Falls

Puppy Kindergarten

This puppy class covers all the basic dog training behaviors your puppy needs to grow into a well behaved,  balanced, happy obedient dog. He will learn the Auto Sit, Come, Leave It, Drop It, Down, loose leash walking, help with puppy house training/kennel training, puppy mouthing, proper bite inhibition, desensitization to handling and grooming, resource guarding, self-control, impulse control, barking, chewing and all other basic puppy training questions new parent have like food, dog boarding, what age they get shots and when to go to the dog park!

The more family members that attend your puppy training class only means that you are ensuring that your puppy will learn to obey all members. This is your chance to teach your puppy that he/she must listen and respect the whole family. So be sure to invite little Ralphie and Aunt Edna over!!

Training Package 2
4 Private Puppy Training Sessions - $275.00

Basic Dog Obedience Training

This package is about teaching your adolescent or adult dog the proper way to behave in your household. I will address the undesirable habits that your dog may have learned and we will reinforce a new polite dog behavior to take the place of the bad behavior. The basic good dog manners package also include the auto sit, come, leave it, drop it, down, stay, attention to owner around distractions, loose leash walking.

Training Package 3
6 Private Dog Training Classes -$450.00

Dog Boot Camps

The easiest dog training course on the owner by far is the Dog Boot Camp! Leave your dog|puppy at Crystals Dog Training N Boarding Kennel anywhere from 2-4 weeks. I then do the hard part for you. The day you pick your pet up form our dog boarding/training kennel  just outside Green Bay you will receive an personal dog obedience demonstration and a 2 hour dog training class prior to the dog going home.  Follow up dog training classes are done In-home or a location of your choice. My most popular course by far! Space is very limited advance booking required

Training Package 5
1st training week $825.00 additional weeks are discounted according to the package your dog is enrolled

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  •  Private Dog Behavior Evaluation

(Classes Take Place In Lena WI) 

Now Serving  Green Bay,  Marinette,  Oconto Falls,  Oconto, Brown County and Surrounding.

               ALL K-9  NEEDS 


Crystal's Dog Training N Boarding Kennel

Lena, Wisconsin, United States

BA, ABCDT Certified Dog Trainer and Behavior Counselor Obedience Training and Problem Solving

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