Dog Boarding N Pet Sitting Services

Stay 4 Nights and the 5th Is Free

Where Being Bored Is Fun!

When you just cant bring your pet on vacation or to a friend or family members house,  You have us. 

      When your furry friends can't be with you, we'll give them a happy, fun and safe home with us.

If you’re heading out of town and need to find a place for your pup to stay and receive the same love, attention, and care you give them, look no further than Crystal's Dog Training N Boarding. We’re a team of dog-loving caregivers who make it our mission to keep your furry family member as happy, healthy, safe, and comfortable as possible while you’re away.

From the moment they hop out of your car, tails will wag and wiggles. We will make sure your pup has a fun and exciting canine vacation so you can rest assured they’re getting the human care and love they deserve.

Standard Amenities

Quality diets and Hand Watering.
Abundant Natural Lighting. Sunlit and soothing.
Sanitary Surroundings.
Fresh Air Exchangers and Ventilation. Clean, high quality environment.
Soft Music. Promotes peace and calm.
Fire and Security System. Monitors unforeseen circumstances.
Experienced, Friendly Staff.
   One-on-one training can occur while your pal boards with us.
Medical Treatment
   From mild acute to serious chronic conditions and emergency.
Medication Disbursement
   By our training professional staff.

Pets that stay with us, stay healthy.

Valet Services
To make things even easier, we’ll pick up and drop off your furry friend for any of our services. Please call our center for prices and to schedule pick-up and delivery.

ActivePure Fresh         Air Systems

 filtration systems that use an “ActivePure” technology to create a healthy, clean-air environment. These systems are used by NASA to eliminate bacteria and stimulate plant growth while in space!