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"Doggie Boot camp” Where I train your dog to work to their full potential. Then I train my clients to get the same results.

Rapid, Reliable, and Long Lasting Results: Your dog/puppy is learning and training with a professional

Stress-Free: The early phase in training is often tedious and challenging, I will thoroughly work through those issues for you.

Habit Building: Because our dog/puppy trainers are experienced they are able to get far more repetitions in than you would be, the more reps, the more it becomes second nature to the dog/puppy and easier for you!

All the benefits of a professionally trained dog without all the work.  These programs are great for 

people that may not have a lot of time initially to train their dogs or puppies but have enough time to maintain the work that was done.  Board and Train Programs are also a great jump start for all dogs as well as puppies to get basic house manners, obedience, and specialized training.  This program is tailored to the needs of the owners, and the behaviors that are of importance to them.  Dogs N Puppies will be exposed to as many situations as possible thru day to day life and travel. I will be taking your dog or puppy everywhere I go! Your pet will be learning all day long! Even when they don't know it.

  Because I understand that every family has different needs and every dog/puppy has different challenges, I have designed different board and train or doggie boot camps programs to best fit the family and the dog/puppy, all of the programs can be tailored.

1 Week Doggie Boot Camp:

This program is for the dog that is somewhat hyper and for the family that needs to exercise control over their dog or puppy via the leash. Doggie Boot Camp includes: Walking nicely on the leash, Sit, Leave-it, Drop-it, we also will address jumping and forging.

2-3 Weeks Doggie Boot Camp: 

This boot camp Program is for higher levels of distractions 

Dogs and puppies best suited for this program are the ones that are extremely hyper to dominant or for the family that does not have the initial time to be part of a training regimen but has imagined having a well-trained puppy or dog that they can maintain. This program has helped many puppy and dog owners to forge a strong bond that they never imagined having with 

their puppy or dog.

4 Weeks Doggie Boot Camp:


This program gets you everything!

This 4 Week Long Doggie Boot Camp program is for the extra hyperactive to dominant, hard to handle dog or puppy or for the dog owner’s family that has always dreamed of having an obedient well trained member of the family without doing the work!

                Included in my Doggie Boot Camp:

Loose Leash/off Leash Heeling (even most difficult puppies and dogs can be trained to walk on and off-leash nicely!)

         RELIABLE Come Command: 

Ever imagined being able to call your dog or puppy in the highest of distractions and them actually listening to you, this can be a reality after the completion of my Doggie Boot Camp!


Yes, many dogs and puppies know how to SIT and DOWN, but how many can actually do it while you are engaged in a conversation on and off-leash without incident? I can make this dream come true, a true feeling for many of my past students.

PLACE Command optional:

The Come Command maybe the MOST important Command, but some like the PLACE Command. The Place command is sending and keeping your puppy or dog on their doggie bed. It is used when you are eating dinner, answering the door, having a door that needs to be left open for an extended period of time, maybe carrying groceries back and forth from the car to the home, when you need to move furniture, when someone is at the door, etc…


Dogs and puppies that jump sometimes can be really cute, but preventing the jumping or having your pet knock it off when jumping is inappropriate, can be really Awesome and impressive, especially to your guests. My four (4) week Board and Train Program transforms your puppy|dog and makes this a reality!


It is understandable why a puppy nips and mouths, it is not acceptable for a dog to nip, when that happens, it can be a sign of dominance. If you would like for your puppy or dog to knock the nipping off, I have the solution.

If your believe that you have an out of control hyperactive puppy or dog that is defiant to your command, that seems like they do not care about anything but being out of control, please do not give up on them before consulting with me.

I have helped turn the situation around for many families in Maryland that they thought to be impossible as well.

If a family will take my lead, I promise to far exceed your expectations of what a trained dog can be.

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