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I just wanted to say a few things about Crystal. I highly recommend her to anyone who was thinking about training their pet. She did an amazing job with our 160lb. Rottweiler! With a dog that size it was crucial for my wife and I to be able to give commands and have him obey them. We felt very confident taking him everywhere because we knew he would behave. She made the classes fun and enjoyable for us and our dog. We even adopted a German Shepard from Crystal and he was just as obedient as our Hunter. We could take a treat and set it on the floor between the two of them and they wouldn't budge until we gave the OK! I promise you won't be disappointed with the results of her training. I just wished that Crystal lived closer now so we could use her to train  our crazy lab.

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My  11  year old Pup, Teal'c, went through 2 years of training with Crystal. I am so glad. She taught me how to be a good let owner! Teal'c is a good boy, is well mannered, and knows many commands. Thanks, Crystal! ! 

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I just wanted to write a quick thank you. Crystal words can’t begin to express the gratitude my family and myself have. You are truly a blessing with your knowledge and patience ( With my crazy pit and 3 kids) I was amazed how involved you got my children and how much fun you made class the kids actually looked forward to dog class every week. The kids keep asking when Miss Crystal is coming back over, When can we start basic? I think Monday’s would work well for us again if that day is still available?



My Daughter is an animal lover beyond barbies and toys. Crystals hands on puppy training is excellent in creating a relationship between my daughter and her puppy, Marley. It's amazing to see the difference after just one month of out eight-week program, everyone is becoming a family.

Cory L.